The Benefits derived from being a Reformed Mormon are:

  • Superiority Disorder removed.
  • Embrace other Christians.
  • Embrace the Reformers as God inspired.
  • Embrace early Church Fathers.
  • Abandon dysfunctional "eternal marriages."
  • Can trust the Bible.
  • Can trust the Book of Mormon.
  • Experience the gifts of the Spirit, like tongues, prophecy and being slain in the Spirit.
  • Sing praise and worship songs, not just hymns.
  • Embrace Christian music artists.
  • Learn from Christian TV and radio ministries.
  • Embrace and support different Christian ministries.
  • Build up Christ - not a denomination.
  • Be re-baptized by your choosing, not your parents.
  • Free to socialize with others who drink wine, champagne, coffee, tea.
  • No more tithing in support of Old Testament type high priests. 
  • Women are no longer powerless being unable to hold the "priesthood," or men for that matter.
  • You are no longer under condemnation for not following the Book of Mormon as President Benson identified the case was.
  • No more arrogance for believing you are greater than God, i.e. "I can pass by the angels and God" once I have my endowment.
  • No more disillusionment from believing you have the "gift of the Holy Ghost" and feeling nothing at all.
  • The Coming of Jesus is not contingent upon a New Jerusalem being built in Missouri first.
  • No more pre-occupation with being called to Independence and traveling there by foot or bike.
  • No more believing God's only prophets are in the LDS church.
  • No more trusting in a man, i.e. the prophet, more than God, God's word, or working out your own salvation.


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