William Peter Brown (1832–1907)


William P. Brown did an excellent job defending David Whitmer and the doctrines of the Church of Christ in the following three titles:

  • Defense of the Church of Christ, and Exposure of the Errors of Mormonism. Newton, KS: Democrat Publishing House, 1887, 30 pp.
  • Pamphlet No. 2, Exposure of the Errors of Mormonism, and Defense of the Church of Christ. Newton, KS: Republican Printing House, 1887, 52 pp.
  • Exposure of the Errors of Mormonism and Defense of the Church of Christ, Pamphlet No. 3. Newton, KS: Reynolds Bros., Printing House, 1888, 103 pp.

Ebenezer Robinson (1816-1891)

John Jacob Snyder (1853 – 1926+)

  • The Solution of the Mormon Problem: What is it? (Independence, MO: Zion’s Advocate, 1926)

John was David’s scribe (David lost a thumb in a gun accident) for correspondence and his Addresses. John’s title was a reprint of David’s Address with an affidavit denying he was the author of David’s Addresses. John had some additional writings; the following two were listed in A Comprehensive Annotated Book of Mormon Bibliography by Jeanette W. Miller, Donald W. Parry, and Sandra A. Thorne

S.439 Snyder, John Jacob. Glad Tidings. Kansas City: Truth Publishers, 1920. The Book of Mormon fulfills the words of the prophet Isaiah. It is an important book for the salvation of man, but the RLDS church condemns the Doctrine and Covenants and declares the “Mormon church” a stumbling block to the acceptance of the Book of Mormon. The witnesses to the book never denied their testimony. [J.W.M.]

S.440 Snyder, John Jacob. Truth: Number 2 (The Truth of the Book of Mormon). Salt Lake City: John Jacob Snyder, 1896. Snyder believes in and preaches Book of Mormon doctrines but rejects the teachings and authority of the LDS church. Believes Mormons have gone astray since the days of Joseph Smith. [D.W.P.]