Frank W. Wipper – Fresno, CA (1883 – 1970)

The Frank F. Wipper Papers (1957-1960s) consist mainly of the newsletter “Gospel Fullness,” edited by Frank Wipper and issued monthly out of Fresno, California.

Book of Mormon Foundation (Frank F. Wipper) Papers A member of the RLDS Church until the Supreme Directional Control controversy, Wipper joined the Temple Lot Church in 1925, was called to be an apostle in that church, but left it in 1926 to organize the Church of Christ, Independent-Informal, which rapidly disintegrated, mostly because of its informality. Primarily the work of Frank Wipper, the Book of Mormon Foundation was organized in 1951. Not a church, the BOMF is a forum for discussion of the Book of Mormon and publishing related materials. Bob Maley (1925-) took over after the death of Frank Wipper in 1970. The collection is divided into Papers (V) and Correspondence (VI).Book of Mormon Foundation (Frank F. Wipper),1110

W.373 Wipper, Frank F. The Book of Mormon as the Basis for Some Vital Conclusions. Fresno, CA: Book of Mormon Foundation, 196?. Argues that the value of the Book of Mormon lies in its restoration of lost biblical truth and sets forth the idea that the early LDS church went astray by publishing the Book of Commandments and later the Doctrine and Covenants rather than relying totally on the Bible and the Book of Mormon. [D.M.]

W.374 Wipper, Frank F. Commentary on Some Nephite Record Subjects. N.p.: n.p., 1940?. Presents an outline of several Book of Mormon subjects: (1) priests in the Book of Mormon – finds that Book of Mormon priests were after the order of Melchizedek; (2) the choice seer – the choice seer was to come from the tribe of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. This seer will be named Lehi and he will be weak in speaking and will need a spokesman. This criteria does not fit Joseph Smith; (3) Zion – suggests that Zion is a spiritual condition, not a literal gathering; (4) the parable of Zenos – outlines its contents, stressing the need for obedience and an ultimate cleansing. [J.W.M.]

W.375 Wipper, Frank F. Doctrine and Covenants Critically Analyzed as a Sacred Book. Fresno, California: Frank F. Wipper, n.d. Believes that the Doctrine and Covenants wrongly became the substitute for the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith became a fallen prophet who changed the doctrine taught in the Book of Mormon, which contains the true doctrine. [J.W.M.]

W.376 Wipper, Frank F. Emphasis on the Book of Mormon. Fresno, CA: Frank F. Wipper, 1960?. One year following the publication of the Book of Mormon, a shift of emphasis had taken place among the Latter-day Saints. The Lord warned them in June of 1829 (D&C 15) to place emphasis upon the writings that he had given to them prior to June of 1829 – the Book of Mormon. There is no church upon the earth; only the Book of Mormon guides souls to the truth. [J.W.M.]

W.377 Wipper, Frank F. The Gift of Translating. Fresno, CA: Frank F. Wipper, 196?. Joseph Smith was called to translate only the Book of Mormon and was given no other gift (D&C 4:2). By May 1829, Joseph Smith gave up the seer-stones, and negative changes came over him. [J.W.M.]

W.378 Wipper, Frank F. Is the Book of Mormon from God? Fresno, CA: Frank F. Wipper, 196?. A rebuttal to James M. Tolle, Is the Book of Mormon from God? Writes about Lehi’s genealogy, lights in the barges of Jared, the Liahona, plagiarism of the Bible, and other items. The Book of Mormon is a true document, but after the translation was completed and he gave up the stone, Joseph Smith changed in a negative manner. [J.W.M.]

W.379 Wipper, Frank F. Jerald Tanner’s Brochure on Mormonism Re-examined: Just A Friendly Discussion. Fresno, CA: Vanity, 196?. Author bears fervent testimony of the Book of Mormon and pleads with Tanner to reconsider his evaluation of the book. Wipper condemns Utah Mormonism and the RLDS church as well. [J.W.M.]

W.380 Wipper, Frank F. Nephite Record Texts. N.p., n.d. A ready reference that lists the custodians of the Nephite records and when they lived. [D.M.]

W.381 Wipper, Frank F. Reaching Up to Grasp the Fullness? Joseph Smith Saints vs. the Book of Mormon. Kansas City: KS: Book of Mormon Foundation, 196?. Applauds David Whitmer, who loved and defended the Book of Mormon, but eschewed other forms of “Latter-day Saintism.” [D.M.]

W.382 Wipper, Frank F. Thy Kingdom Come. Fresno, CA: Vanity, 196?. Deals with the kingdom of God throughout the dispensations, including the Book of Mormon period. [D.M.]

W.383 Wipper, Frank F. Translation Correct! Kansas City, KS: Book of Mormon Foundation, 1960. Believes that the Book of Mormon was a word-for-word translation. [J.W.M.]

W.384 Wipper, Frank F. Translation of the Book of Mormon. N.p., 1960?. Several short essays condemning alterations that have been made in the wording and punctuation of the Book of Mormon. The author calls for the release of the original manuscript so that the original version of the translation can be read instead of what is printed now. [B.D.]

W.385 Wipper, Frank F. “The Translation of Them Which You Have Seen Is . . . Correct!” Kansas City, KS: Book of Mormon Foundation, 196?. Discusses the translation and manuscripts of the Book of Mormon, arguing that the book was translated accurately. [D.M.]

W.386 Wipper, Frank F. An Unlearned Man: Who “The Lord Should Suffer to Bring These Forth.” Fresno, California: Frank F. Wipper, 196?. Wipper’s intent is to glorify God and the unlearned man who brought forth the Book of Mormon. [J.W.M.]

W.387 Wipper, Frank F. Witnesses. Fresno, CA: Frank F. Wipper, 1952. A series of mimeographed circulars devoted to promoting the Book of Mormon but opposing the Latter-day Saint “Mormons” and RLDS churches and their doctrines. [J.W.M.]

W.388 Wipper, Frank F. Wounded in the House of Its Intimates. Kansas City, KS: Vanity, 1960?. Distinguishes between the post-Book of Mormon teachings of the LDS/RLDS churches and the Book of Mormon itself. [D.M.]

[A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of the Book of Mormon]

The Book of Mormon Foundation

James R. Snell of Kansas City, Kansas, and Frank W. Wipper of Fresno, California, head a foundation known as The Book of Mormon Foundation, Independent-Informal. They are harmonious in their teachings. According to Wipper, “They are dedicated to the preservation of the original text of the Book of Mormon as it was brought forth in 1823-1830.”

Both Mr. Snell and Mr. Wipper publish articles in which they put forth the claim that they are “a forum of study and research, free from the bias of organized religion.” They cannot be counted as a faction but should be listed as their writings deal primarily with Joseph Smith, his translation of the Book of Mormon, and the history to date of that sacred record. (Pioneer, p. 59-60)