David Whitmer (1805 – 1888)

David Whitmer wrote the most regarding the differences between Joe (aka Joseph) Smith and the Book of Mormon, explaining in detail what those points were in these publications:

You call me an apostate, and say that an evil spirit has led me to preach repentance and REFORMATION to you before I go down to the grave. In this manner was Abinadi sent alone of God to preach to the church, when they had all gone into error. But his brethren were in blindness and the great majority of them rejected the words of Abinadi, telling him he was an evil spirit. But the Lord in time brought destruction upon the church for rejecting the words of Abinadi. King Noah had been anointed by his father, who was in authority; he had many priests around him who thought certain they were not in error, and needed no repentance; they believed they were the only true and accepted people of God. Why was it they could not see and understand? Because they were in spiritual blindness. I want to ask you who is an apostate from the faith, he who stands for the doctrine as Christ taught it to the “twelve” at Jerusalem, and the “twelve” upon this land, or he who teaches more or less and establishes it for his doctrine? (An Address to All Believers in the Book of Mormon, p. 8.)

The last of the Whitmers who believed as he was John C. Whitmer’s daughter Mayme Janetta Whitmer Koontz, who died in 1961.

David Whitmer “re-established the Church in Richmond as the SIMPLE BROTHERHOOD it had been at the start.” (Helen Van Cleave Blankmeyer, David Whitmer, Witness for God, Springfield, IL, 1955, p. 60)